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comment faire secher une rose petite fleur

Were you given a magnificent bouquet of roses that you placed on your living room table? Alas, you know that very quickly, within a few days, these roses will begin to wither… Would you like to dry roses in order to keep them longer, so that they continue to decorate your living room? Petite Fleur shows you in this article how to dry a rose.

Dry a rose by hanging it

After cleaning the stem of its lower leaves and neatly cutting your flower, hang your rose, as long as it is not completely in bloom, upside down, securing it to a support with a clothespin or a string. Leave the rose hanging like this for two to three weeks in a well-ventilated place away from light and humidity (attic, garage, etc.), so that all humidity disappears. Once the rose is completely dry, you can spray it with hairspray to revive its color and protect it from dust. For a larger quantity of roses, hang small bouquets of 4-5 roses, but be careful, not more because the air will circulate less well between your plants and prevent them from drying properly. This process also adapts to other flowers, however, some resist better than others… it’s up to you!

Dry a rose by flattening it

Carefully place your rose in a newspaper that will absorb moisture and place a dictionary (or any other heavy object) on top for about a week. From time to time, check the condition of your flower by letting it “get some fresh air” for a few moments. You can slip your dried rose into a letter or stick it on a board creation. This process adapts more easily to so-called “flat” flowers; the result will be even better.


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