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Frequently Asked Questions


Find here the answers to the questions I am often asked.

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When should I contact you for wedding floral decoration?

I would say as early as possible, but 12 to 8 months before your wedding date is a suitable time to develop your project.

Your service starts at €2,500, are there additional costs?

Yes, mileage and installation costs at the ceremony and reception venues must also be included in addition to the amount of my floral service.

Do you provide small decorations, candle holders, containers, etc.?

Yes, I have a wide range of containers and candle holders in the workshop that I can offer to rent for your event.

Once the quote has been signed and my service has been booked, can I make changes to it?

Of course, as far as possible, your project will be ready 2 months before your big day for better planning management.

Do you take care of the dismantling the day after the wedding?

Indeed, I intervene the next day, generally in the early-mid afternoon, to dismantle your decoration and provide you with several solutions so that you can recover all your flowers.


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