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scenographie florale


Floral scenography is the art of creating floral compositions that transcend simple decoration to become truly ephemeral paintings. This discipline goes beyond arranging flowers in vases, it aims to tell a story through the shapes, colors and textures of plants. It applies to weddings as well as cultural events or commercial spaces.

Floral scenographers meticulously select flowers based on their symbolism, their seasonality and their ability to harmonize with each other.

The clever and harmonious use of foliage, branches and accessories enriches these ephemeral creations, thus creating a real plant display.

Floral scenography is floral art creating ephemeral compositions, telling unique visual stories.

Beyond aesthetics, floral scenography creates an atmosphere, evokes emotions and imbues the space with a natural aura. It can be minimalist and contemporary or lush and romantic, adapting to the preferences and themes of each event.


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