Edible flower: let yourself be tempted!

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You may not know it, but many flowers can be eaten! Better: you’ve probably even eaten flowers without realizing it! Indeed, certain flowers find their place in the kitchen, in decoration, in the form of vinegar or even in infusion.

Eating flowers!?

Here are some plants whose flowers are edible: acacia, hawthorn, mimosa, chamomile, poppy, honeysuckle, lavender, rose, daisy…

The best-known edible flower remains the nasturtium, with its little peppery taste and shimmering colors. It is generally used as decoration or to taste on salmon for example.

Pineapple sage flower, with its sweet taste reminiscent of pineapple.

The most surprising is undoubtedly the vegetable oyster, called mertensia maritima or even Sanguine de Mer which you can taste with your eyes closed while discovering the iodized flavor of Atlantic oysters! In the same spirit, but with a less pronounced taste, we have the Borage flower, a pretty blue starry flower which also knows how to transport us to the foot of the waves.

Edible flowers: some examples of use:

  • rose: rose jam
  • violet: in syrup

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